Year: 2014

Episode 8 – Winter Break

How have your holidays been?  What new movies in 2015 are you looking forward to?  Where are you at with craft beers?  IPA’s?  I started to love them.  But most of all, thank you, thank you, thank you, and happy

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Episode 7 – Scene Kids / Serial Thoughts

Is it just me or does music have a huge impact on the type of gear you wear?  At least when your younger?  Also, I give my verdict on the case of Adnan Syed from the incredible Serial podcast that

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Episode 6 – Y In The Road

How random is it that your the person you are and reading what I typed right now.  That’s a pretty lame example, but there are a lot of left and right turns that are made throughout existence that happened in such a way

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Episode 5 – Fright Fest

How’s Halloween sit with you?  Into the costumes?  What about the haunted houses?  Or maybe you just like the leaves.  There’s something for everyone.

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Episode 4 – The Attic Curator

What remains of your past?  What place does it have in your future?  Does it weigh you down?  Or, is it something that can be built upon?  I guess the important thing is to keep building regardless of why.

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Episode 3 – Take Two

How do you define success?  Who grants it to you?  SPOILER ALERT:  Weird Twist Ending Included

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Episode 2 – Times Tarnished

What happens when we try to verbalize a memory, does it ever just get jumbled up and end up not sounding as special as you remembered?  Better yet, do you like Stephen King?

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Episode 1 – Just Do It

Do you have a burning urge?  Do you see something in your head that you want to see with your eyes?  I think you see where I’m going with this.

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Pilot Episode – What’s In A Name

Surprise, it’s a new podcast from Mylofone.  I guess I’m just as surprised as you… that it’s this soon at least.  But it might not be what you think.