Episode 22 – The Force Awakens

My unfiltered thoughts on Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens.  This assumes you saw the movie, I get in the weeds, I get in the ships, I get into space.  Give it a listen and tell me what you think, michaelkassep@yahoo.com or @ MikeKassep.

May the Force Be With You.


Episode 21 – Break it into Pieces (The Making of The Comic Shop)

There’s a new show on the Mylofone network but you wont find this one on iTunes!  It’s a YouTube show about comics.  But man, was it an experiment, I’ve never done video like that before.  Check it out here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axw3iMil5RE

This episode of Hypocrisy Radio is a behind the scenes look of how it all came together, what I liked, what I didn’t like and everything you can think of in between!


Episode 20 – Parenthood (3 Weeks)

I’m no expert, but I am 3 weeks in… to parenthood that is.  My son, Luke, is 3 weeks old today.  Here’s a couple of the things I’ve figured out so far!


Episode 19 – Mango Mouth

You’ll squirm, you’ll be uncomfortable, but when it’s over… just maybe, you’ll laugh.  Beware, of the Mango Mouth.


Episode 18 – Make It Your Own

In the middle of doing some custom jobs on my house.  I figured I’d share some of the cooler ones.

The point is, customize things, make things your own, make things unique.  You’ll find your appreciation for them will grow.  Have a killer weekend!


Episode 17 – Tying your Self Worth to your Work

Bottom line… tying your self worth to your work (whatever that may be) can make you very vulnerable.  Criticism is tough, just make sure you don’t go down with your own ship- we’re not all sailors here!!!

Sorry if that’s vague, enjoy the show.


Episode 16 – MyloCon ’15, Weird Dreams, Game of Thrones

Hey everyone, here’s a random mish mash of things I wanted to say.  Most importantly… THANK YOU to everyone that attended MyloCon ’15.  It totally exceeded my expectations and I’m wildly humbled by those that came.  Also… as the name implies, weird dreams and a little GoT wrap up are included.
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Episode 15 – Do You Remember When?

Every time we remember something, we’re not remembering the actual event, we’re remembering the last time we remembered it?  Is that pseudoscience?  Yes, probably, but it’s a good launching point.

How far back does your memory go?  Do you have memories that stretch back before you could even speak?  Maybe a few of mine will help you remember yours.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


Episode 14 – My Biggest Fears in Podcasting

Every now and then I find myself in a position where I’ve got a view around a corner that others might not have.  I’ve been podcasting for about 2 years now and decided to talk about some of my biggest “fears” that go along with it.

A lot of them might not be what you think.


Episode 13 – The Golden Birthday

How do you spend your birthday?  I take a vacation day and apparently… mumble into a microphone at 7:00am.

Just a “hello” to get the day rolling, hope if finds you well.  Also, I was just told when you turn the age of the date your born, it’s called your Golden Birthday- weird!