Special Announcement – MyloCon 2015 Details

What’s up everyone, I’ve been promising this for a while now… it’s all the information I can provide for our FIRST MEETUP EVENT on Saturday, June 13!  I lay out all the plans and details for the cbd products but I’m sure I missed something.  If at any point, anyone has any questions, reach out to me:


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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Episode 12 – Where Do We Go From Here

Long days, long nights… it’s exhausting.  But maybe it’s how you choose to engage the time?

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Episode 11 – This Record is for the Outcast

It comes in varying degrees, but in a way it’s a universal human language… do you fit in?  Hell… can you help yourself from being down right awkward?


If you can relate, take comfort, because it is the only thing that proves you are still sane.  Well… that’s a bit dramatic- but, enjoy the show.

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Episode 10 – A Worthwhile Effort

This is kind of a part 2/follow up to the project I was kicking around on Episode 9.  Did an idea ever not pan out for you?  Fear not, let me show you the upside to that scenario!

Having been through it enough times I felt like I could speak to it and shed some light on a perspective you may not have thought of.

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Episode 9 – Cartoons

When did story telling sink its teeth into you?  It’s in our movies, music, and tv shows.  But my introduction was with a good serial cartoon.  Dough?  Ninja Turtles?  Dino Riders?


Which ones do I miss, do name your favorite?  Also, I’m done walking.  Yep… it’s running or bust from here on out.  Until spring.


Get ready for your Friday night with Hypocrisy Radio.
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Episode 8 – Winter Break

How have your holidays been?  What new movies in 2015 are you looking forward to?  Where are you at with craft beers?  IPA’s?  I started to love them.  But most of all, thank you, thank you, thank you, and happy new year.

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Episode 7 – Scene Kids / Serial Thoughts

Is it just me or does music have a huge impact on the type of gear you wear?  At least when your younger?  Also, I give my verdict on the case of Adnan Syed from the incredible Serial podcast that just wrapped yesterday.

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Episode 6 – Y In The Road

How random is it that your the person you are and reading what I typed right now.  That’s a pretty lame example, but there are a lot of left and right turns that are made throughout existence that happened in such a way that led to now.  Just humor me on this one!
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Episode 5 – Fright Fest

How’s Halloween sit with you?  Into the costumes?  What about the haunted houses?  Or maybe you just like the leaves.  There’s something for everyone.
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Episode 4 – The Attic Curator

What remains of your past?  What place does it have in your future?  Does it weigh you down?  Or, is it something that can be built upon?  I guess the important thing is to keep building regardless of why.

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