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Episode 30 – The State of the Internet and Mylofone 1-5-17

It’s the state of more than Mylofone, it’s the climate, tension and hyperbole of the internet, our voices, our thoughts, our… innocence?  I think I lost myself there, just give it a listen, hopefully it’s more coherent than this.

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Episode 29 – Procrastination

Do you consider yourself a major procrastinator?  Do you relish in your ability to put aside what matters in favor of… anything that can distract you?  It’s cool, we all need a little time with our head in the clouds,

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Episode 28 – The Dog Days of Summer

What’s the perfect summer night to you?  The days are long, but fleeting, so enjoy the dog days of summer.

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Episode 27 – Patreon.Com/Mylofone

We’re happy to announce Mylofone has launched a Patreon page!  If you value what we do, consider supporting these podcasts, which you can now do at patreon.com/mylofone. Check out the video of Mike explaining what the heck Patreon is and

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Episode 26 – Master of Business Administration

It’s been six long years, but I’ve finally finished my MBA.  School truly is out for summer!  Hang out for a bit while I decompress, you might learn a thing or two, I mean… I do have a masters degree.

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Episode 25 – Free Time

Do you always seem to have less free time as your life goes on?  Have you ever looked back at past times and thought your life was way less cluttered then?  Then why, at the time, did it seem like

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Episode 24 – Jack of all Trades

Are you the jack of all trades or the master of none?  Do you wish you were one way, but your the other?  Do you care?  But the evening begins…. with a nightmare.

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Episode 19 – Mango Mouth

You’ll squirm, you’ll be uncomfortable, but when it’s over… just maybe, you’ll laugh.  Beware, of the Mango Mouth.

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Episode 15 – Do You Remember When?

Every time we remember something, we’re not remembering the actual event, we’re remembering the last time we remembered it?  Is that pseudoscience?  Yes, probably, but it’s a good launching point. How far back does your memory go?  Do you have

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Special Announcement – MyloCon 2015 Details

What’s up everyone, I’ve been promising this for a while now… it’s all the information I can provide for our FIRST MEETUP EVENT on Saturday, June 13!  I lay out all the plans and details for the cbd products but

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