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Episode 21 – Break it into Pieces (The Making of The Comic Shop)

There’s a new show on the Mylofone network but you wont find this one on iTunes!  It’s a YouTube show about comics.  But man, was it an experiment, I’ve never done video like that before.  Check it out here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axw3iMil5RE

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Episode 20 – Parenthood (3 Weeks)

I’m no expert, but I am 3 weeks in… to parenthood that is.  My son, Luke, is 3 weeks old today.  Here’s a couple of the things I’ve figured out so far!

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Episode 19 – Mango Mouth

You’ll squirm, you’ll be uncomfortable, but when it’s over… just maybe, you’ll laugh.  Beware, of the Mango Mouth.

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Episode 18 – Make It Your Own

In the middle of doing some custom jobs on my house.  I figured I’d share some of the cooler ones. The point is, customize things, make things your own, make things unique.  You’ll find your appreciation for them will grow.  Have

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Episode 15 – Do You Remember When?

Every time we remember something, we’re not remembering the actual event, we’re remembering the last time we remembered it?  Is that pseudoscience?  Yes, probably, but it’s a good launching point. How far back does your memory go?  Do you have

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Episode 14 – My Biggest Fears in Podcasting

Every now and then I find myself in a position where I’ve got a view around a corner that others might not have.  I’ve been podcasting for about 2 years now and decided to talk about some of my biggest “fears”

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Episode 13 – The Golden Birthday

How do you spend your birthday?  I take a vacation day and apparently… mumble into a microphone at 7:00am. Just a “hello” to get the day rolling, hope if finds you well.  Also, I was just told when you turn

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Special Announcement – MyloCon 2015 Details

What’s up everyone, I’ve been promising this for a while now… it’s all the information I can provide for our FIRST MEETUP EVENT on Saturday, June 13!  I lay out all the plans and details for the cbd products but

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Episode 12 – Where Do We Go From Here

Long days, long nights… it’s exhausting.  But maybe it’s how you choose to engage the time?

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Episode 11 – This Record is for the Outcast

It comes in varying degrees, but in a way it’s a universal human language… do you fit in?  Hell… can you help yourself from being down right awkward?   If you can relate, take comfort, because it is the only

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